Health and Safety 

Please ensure that anyone handling or coming into contact 
with fresh concrete receives this warning. 
Fresh concrete or screed can cause serious burns to skin and eyes as well as skin diseases and dermatitis. Wear protective clothing, such as goggles, gloves, impervious boot, trousers and long sleeved clothing. Immediately wash off any fresh cementitious material from skin and thoroughly washout any affected eye. Do not swallow. If swallowed do not induce vomiting but seek medical advice. Remove any clothing or item saturated with cementitious material and wash thoroughly before re-use. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist or in case of doubt. 
The main causes of occupational ill health are: Musculoskeletal disorders, skin disease, e.g. Dermatitis, respiratory disease, e.g. Occupational Asthma. 
The main causes of injury are: Slips, trips and lifting. Wet concrete makes surfaces slippery and it is obviously very heavy. Equipment and hand tools can present a risk if used incorrectly. On any building site – even at home – there will be risks that can be managed easily to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 
Laying concrete can lead to situations where workforce are under time pressure to finish quickly as the concrete sets. So it is always worth ensuring everyone understands the operating instructions and health and safety precautions before the job starts. 
Cornwall Ready-Mix Concrete places a high priority on health and safety. When your concrete is delivered you will be asked to sign a disclaimer and we strongly advise that you read the relevant information. 
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